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About SP Clinical Studies & Healthcare Data


SP Clinical Studies & Healthcare Data (SPCS) was established to provide medical device start-up companies and other healthcare innovative enterprises with the experienced support they need for all their clinical and scientific research activities required for product development.

SPCS specializes in managing and implementing research strategy, including planning, designing and executing all types of clinical studies throughout the product lifecycle - from conceptualization and feasibility, through product development, to regulatory approval and post-market activities.

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AI-based Digital Health start-ups can also rely upon SPCS to manage their data pipeline process, from raw healthcare data collection, through data  annotation, to high quality data delivery.

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Executing and running clinical research, at all phases, can be challenging and expensive, but with the right professional guidance and practice, companies can save precious time and money and, most importantly, successfully achieve their goal of introducing new, innovative products and solutions to the global market.​

Management: Shiri Pendler


SP Clinical Studies & Healthcare Data is managed by Shiri Pendler, CEO and Founder.

Shiri is a biomedical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the medical device industry, leading global, complex clinical studies both for PMA and 510K medical devices, at all stages of the product development process.

Throughout her career and currently, while leading companies’ clinical activities, Shiri works very closely with cross-functional teams, especially R&D, regulatory and marketing, and consistently earns the respect and appreciation of the clinical professionals, physicians, and key opinion leaders from different medical disciplines with whom she works. See Testimonials

A team player, Shiri is regarded by her clients as an integral member of Project Management, providing the valued experience and accountability demanded in Healthcare Industry innovation.

Before establishing SP Clinical Studies & Healthcare Data, Shiri held multiple positions employing her skills in Clinical Engineering, Clinical Research, and Clinical Affairs. A veteran in the demanding start-up environment, Shiri offers clients vast experience in the diverse aspects of the medical device development and healthcare data worlds, including the challenges, pitfalls and requirements needed to be successful.

Shiri is uniquely positioned in Israel to work with technology start-ups and corporate innovators requiring her comprehensive expertise.

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