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SP Clinical Studies
and Healthcare Data:

Brings Expertise, Knowledge, and Practice to Medical Device and Digital Health companies

clinical studies

Outsourced Expertise and Consulting
for Medical and Healthcare Innovators

Shiri Pendler

SP Clinical Studies & Healthcare Data (SPCS) was established by Shiri Pendler, a biomedical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the medical device industry, to provide  health tech start-up companies and innovative corporations with the professional expertise needed to navigate the entire process of clinical research for medical device development – from conceptualization to commercialization. The company also provides services for health-tech companies relying upon data collection to contribute to the quality of AI-based Digital Health solutions.

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Qualified, Experienced Services Provider

With more than 15 years of experience in the fast-paced Israeli health-tech innovation industry, SPCS is well versed in the clinical procedures necessary to expedite the development of medical devices and digital healthcare solutions. Working with SPCS, you will benefit from outsourced capabilities, while enjoying the advantages of an in-house expert and senior manager who is totally immersed in your team.

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Recommended by Clients and Industry Professionals

Under Shiri Pendler’s leadership, SPCS enjoys the appreciation of industry peers, including the clients, medical professionals and scientists who have cooperated with her over the years. See what they have to say….

“Shiri worked with DiA Imaging Analysis for two intense years. I am grateful for all her uncompromising professional work and her dedication to the various activities in the company. As the manager of the clinical activities in the company, she touched on different topics and surprised me each time by the breadth of her abilities – from contributing to scientific activities, supporting R&D and marketing, through engaging hospitals and investigators, and supervising data collection and annotation activities – enchanting everyone with her pleasant demeanor and wisdom, leading and expanding the company's capabilities in every field she managed.“

Michal Yaacobi
Co-founder and CTO

DiA Imaging Analysis

Here is Where SPCS Shares Its Industry Insights

The fields of Medical Device and Digital Healthcare innovation are very exciting, rapidly changing and dramatically impacting healthcare worldwide. SPCS periodically shares its experiences and viewpoints on developments in this Blog.

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